More than the unwanted minorities


Samira Moubayed

The spokesman for the Russian forces in Syria said that Assad is a strategic ally for them because he belongs to one of the desired minorities in Syria. He puts the basic definition of what is meant by “minorities” from the Russian perspective. Which applauds the crimes of bombardment and destruction that have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilian and child victims. They have been desiring to violate the humanity of hundreds of thousands of detainees and detainees. They are the minimum groups that, in order to achieve their narrow and short-term goals, are committed to partisan, sectarian or national Others felt.

The use of this characterization and classification is an additional factor, to show that the claims of “minority protection” are not credible in terms of their doctrinal or national references. Such protection is conditioned by the appropriation of authoritarian regimes imposed on the peoples of the Middle East. Assumed.

This requires necessarily the existence of other undesirable minorities in Syria. Its obvious features are that it rejects the above, demands accountability and upholds justice in a single way to achieve a final and sustainable peace, regardless of its sectarian or ethnic affiliation. It includes Syrians belonging to different sects and nationalities : Christians, Alawites, Syriacs, Kurds, and other Syrian components of the numerical minority.

But this description is not without great danger, because it does not suggest the signs of the efforts to build a secular state in Syria first, and because it links the crimes of the Assad regime with certain groups, especially the Alawites and Christians, each of whom is forced to commit crimes of genocide and the use of weapons Is prohibited for the purpose of claiming protection, while that breaks the national and universal human ties between them and their compatriots from other communities. On the other hand, the regime does not hesitate to arrest, torture or assassinate any Syrian belonging to these components, when he raises his voice demanding equal citizenship at the very least, which happened recently (Friday, January 12) in the assassination of Syrian opposition Mounir Darwish, Negotiation in Syria, which was not covered by the claim to protect minorities, despite their affiliation.

Those who seek the return of the Syrians to their land, without distinction, and without sectarian strife leading to long-term differences and conflicts, must separate definitively between the crimes of the Assad regime and the Syrian components. The same components, the renunciation of the regime that sacrificed their youth and the abandonment of millions of their families, must not bear the burden of annihilating the children, violating humanity and burning human bodies in the camps. They must publicly show their rejection of these crimes. , Where these voices suffer from a significant narrowing on several levels, including the international, including the Syrian opposition itself, the most important of which is certainly the narrowing of the regime and its pursuit of moderate voices that reveal his lies and allegations.

Today, these undesirable minorities, ie, those who reject the crimes of the regime, are a silent majority in the public, certainly outweigh those desired minorities. Their positions and voices are necessary to save the means of reconciliation between the Syrian components, In the Middle East in general, and in Syria in particular, in order to maintain its stability and balance, away from any deviation towards extremism, and to support the progress of the region in the path of sound development.

This reconciliation, along with the ways of returning inevitably, is linked to the transition from authoritarian regimes and totalitarian regimes to modern systems based on fair constitutions, respect for law and human rights, and the creation of a climate conducive to the establishment of a political life that paves the way for gradual transition to democracy. There are many obstacles that are caused by the absence of this concept from political life and the lack of foundation in educational curricula or awareness. In addition, there is an improvement in economic conditions, ensuring prosperity, education and health services for all. These factors are of utmost importance. Seen in achieving stability and common life.

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