Statement issued by the Syrian bloc on the strike of the international coalition against the Syrian regime 17-4-2018


We are aware of the fact that the alleged attack by the Western countries on the regime is just another chapter of the failure of all the sacrifices of our great people. We are aware that the Western countries that claim to represent the values ​​of democracy and human rights are on the brink of moral abyss, courting the other Russian axis and its allies, the axis of murder and the fascist dictatorship, denying this people’s poverty in order to secure their freedom. I collapsed before the eyes of the world with this regime.
Although we appeal to the democratic forces in the world to support the revolution of our people and to counter the excesses of this regime and its allies, we also realize that we are the Syrians alone and who will overthrow this regime and build our democratic Syria. We in the Syrian bloc extend our hand to the Syrian national democratic forces, which constitute the basic building blocks for the continuation of the path of revolution, to create a democratic political stream and state representing the national revolutionary forces and bear the burdens of the current phase of the revolution until achieving its objectives.

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