Message to Mr. President Donald Trump


Large segments of Middle Eastern peoples have positively received the US decision to get rid of Qassim Suleimani, as this step has a profound impact on their future.

This decision, which came against the background of the direct threats to American interests and citizens, has at the same time touched the interests of the peoples of countries whose sovereignty is being blatantly violated by the regime in Iran.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards, classified as terrorist groups, have at the orders of Qassim Suleimani directly carried out operations of killing, revenge and kidnapping of hostages.

This was not only against American citizens, but also against civilians in more than one country around the world, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

The criminal Suleimani also implemented malicious plans to undermine the national security of these countries and violate their sovereignty. This is in addition to igniting sectarian fighting and fueling conflicts among their peoples, which is harmful to security and peace around the world.

The Syrian people have been for many decades subject to persecution under the rule of Assad, which represents one of Iran’s arms for sabotaging and destroying the region.

Syrian civilians as well, including women and children, were also victims of sectarian massacres masterminded by Qassim Suleimani, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar Al-Assad and their likes.

In the face of this, the members of the Syrian Lobby, who belong to this liberal, secular and democratic grouping, see that punishing criminals and murderers and exerting deterrent pressures on rogue regimes and governments that sponsor terrorism, and which are responsible for killings and displacement on sectarian and ethnic grounds, is a step in the right direction to liberate the region and push forward the development of its peoples, in addition to putting them on the track of humanity and make them join the free world.

In the context of our continuous work to achieve the interests of Syrians in building a new state that contributes to sustainable security, peace and stability in the region and the world, we seek to build alliances that ensure the achievement of these goals with the countries of the free and developed world, and with the countries which believe in and support the right of the Syrian people in leading a free and decent way of life.

We are also ready to cooperate with all powers and nations seeking to achieve security, peace and welfare for all peoples.

6 January 2020

Board of Directors of the Syrian Bloc:

Dr. Abedaltawab Shahrour

Dr. Alaa Wahab

M.Assem Al Hetteh

M. Anas ezzat Alagamai

Dr.Eyad Khaznadar

M.Hassan Alaswad

M.Hutaf Qassas

M. Khaled Al Zarei

Ms. Maitha Almobark

Dr. Marwan Khoury

Dr. Moustafa Alhamoud

Dr. Samira Mobaied

Ms. Suaad khubieh

M.Zaki Alrifai

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