Statement issued by the Syrian bloc on the popular movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran 31-12-2017


The peaceful popular movement in Iran against the ruling sectarian regime in Syria is a reminder of the deep conviction that people do not succumb to injustice and that change will happen even after a while in the path of development and advancement of peoples.

We, in the Syrian bloc, salute and appeal to the students of freedom, justice and democracy based on our belief in the principles of the Syrian revolution, the revolution of freedom and human dignity, and the fact that the revolutions of the peoples intersect with their common humanitarian goals, free from injustice, tyranny, ignorance, poverty, backwardness and corruption in all its forms, Stresses its support, support and support for the just demands of the Iranian people, and believes in the popular movement to continue the efforts of radical change, which is battling the forces of freedom in Iran, and emphasize the importance and depth of the demands of the popular movement and its link to load the system My responsibility to intervene and support the Assad regime to prevent the Syrian people from their freedom and demanding the withdrawal of Iranian forces and sectarian militias from Syria and stop the regional role negative for Iran in the region, which cost her of their wealth and the lives of their children more than the power of the Iranian people’s endurance.

Glory to all revolutionaries of change and freedom

And freedom for our prisoners in tyrants’ prisons

Mercy to the martyrs

Long live the Syrian revolution.

Statement in Arabic:

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The statement is in Persian

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