Statement by the Syrian bloc (letter to the European Ministries of Foreign Affairs) 15-4-2018


Letter to European Ministries of Foreign Affairs

The killing of the Syrians was not limited to chemical use, but included all kinds of weapons, including internationally prohibited under Russian political and military cover.
The Syrians appealed to the international community to stop this massacre for seven years. They hoped that the military movement launched on April 14, 2018 would end this painful phase and end with the end of the Assad military regime and the end of the Iranian presence in Syria. And imposed a process of political transition away from the system of tyranny, as clearly pointed out international resolutions, as noted the statements of Western countries repeatedly.
But the fact that Iranian control intensified in Syria and the military strike did not end the ability of the Syrian regime to kill the Syrians, and therefore these attacks did not achieve the goal of protecting the Syrian people from daily killings and did not end the Iranian occupation of its land.
Although the Western countries are considered to be the holders of the concepts of democracy and the first defender of human rights, but its dealings with the Syrian people goes away from these bases while it must stand by his side clearly and explicitly and stop the murderer against the isolation of civilians unable to resist the military arrogance of a criminal regime.
This protection comes from the point of maintaining security and global peace, which is undermined by the regime of tyranny and Iran and their militias.
The Syrian bloc as a democratic movement demands the following:
– Ending the ability of the military regime and all its militias and forces to hit the Syrian people with all kinds of weapons, including barrels, cluster bombs, space, phosphorus and others.
– Support the Syrian democratic forces to create a broad democratic trend because this trend is the majority in Syria.
– Rapid and effective action to end the Iranian presence and its Lebanese and Iraqi militias and their dependents in Syria because its presence attracts the creation and the presence of extremism in other forms.
Syrian bloc

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