the Relationship with the Armed Factions

The Bloc View to the Relationship with the Armed Factions

With the start of the popular Syrian peaceful movement in March 2011, which turned into a revolution calling for the overthrow of the regime and putting at the forefront of its demands freedom and dignity following the bloody response of the regime security systems to the demands of the Syrians through practicing arrest, torture and killing of peaceful demonstrations, some officers and military soldiers defected from the army and later formed the nucleus of the Syrian Free Army that refused to be a tool in the hands the Assad gang in killing the Syrians and it took the protection of demonstrations and demonstrators as a goal for it.

However, this army was negatively affected by polarization and international and regional intervention under the pretext of logistical and military support. This support had a profound effect on the division and fragmentation among the factions forming this army. The differing policies of international support contributed to attracting extremist powers, especially the Islamic state and Al-Nusra front, which denounced the principles of the revolution announcing their ambitious projects that were not limited within the Syrian geography and that were devoted to tyranny but under a religious umbrella that does not believe in the goals of the revolution and does not further the aspirations of the Syrian people, but they seek to settle down purely sectarian issues.

The regime contributed directly and indirectly to the promotion of the ideology and practices of these groups, and it was even a partner with them in many stages. All the data on the ground confirmed this, in support of the regime main goal of distorting the image of the Free Syrian Army, fragmenting it and distorting the image of the revolution internally and externally to delegitimize the armament of the revolution and its Free Army.

These and other factors have led to the absence of any role for a Syrian national in theory and practice and to turning the Syrian arena into a scene of conflicts between extremist groups and mercenary militias seeking to serve the interests of states and external forces.


Therefore, our vision in the Syrians Bloc is based on the following points:



The Free Syrian Army in its first form was the nucleus of a national institution that must be revived by communicating with the honorable and free officers who have defected from the Assad regime and have been marginalized and working on unifying the Free Army factions on the ground in a single military institution with centralized leadership deriving its authority from the political leadership.


All the armed forces and groups present on the Syrian ground and which do not believe in the goals of the revolution and call for their own agenda are illegal groups that must be dissolved. We call upon the Syrians between them to join Syrian revolutionary bodies.


It is necessary to oust all militias and foreign fighters, who are fighting in Syria for the sake of their bitter doctrinal and sectarian beliefs, from the Syrian land and let the Syrians run their affairs in their own.