Chapter One:

* Definition of the bloc:

A national political bloc that includes individuals and groups that combine the values ​​of freedom, dignity and democracy away from any domination or dependence on the outside, and the belief in a single sovereign state on all its territory, a democratic civil society.

Chapter II:

* Strategic Objectives:

The cluster works on:

First :

The overthrow of the regime of tyranny over Syria with all its apparatuses and symbols of repressive military, security and partisan; and prosecute all perpetrators of crimes and violations against the people before the competent judiciary.

Second :

The establishment of a state with a civil system that guarantees equality, justice, rights and freedoms for all citizens, and the non-return of tyranny in all its political, religious or national forms.
Third :

The establishment of a democratic system that enshrines the principles of separation of powers, the transfer of power through the ballot box and the rule of law.
Fourthly :

And the rejection of the domination or exploitation of any class, component or majority of religion, race, sect or sect to achieve its objectives in political or public life, and work to separate religion from Country.

To work to build a society that will ensure the restoration of civil peace and national reconciliation through the path of “transitional justice” according to the document adopted by the “bloc”

Restructuring the army and the security services on a fixed national basis in accordance with the standards of governance. Its mission is to protect the country and the people, respect for human rights, subject to political authority and parliamentary control. Its members are held accountable and their members are prohibited from interfering in political affairs.
Seventh. :

The independence of the judiciary in all its three types of justice, administrative and constitutional, and its support of independent qualified cadres impartial and impartial.

Building a modern constitution, in accordance with the criteria of legality, taking into account the changes and developments witnessed by the Syrian society, and includes the strategic objectives of the bloc, and adopts the document called “the supreme principles” as above constitutional.

Ninth. :

Administrative decentralization is the system that enables its followers to achieve a kind of equality in all areas of Syria.

Mechanisms of action

First: the creation of a national political entity, characterized by popularity in terms of proliferation and influence, and revolutionary in terms of values ​​and reference, and credibility in terms of representation and leadership.

Second: To work to create a peaceful popular pressure on the influential forces in the Syrian cause to help achieve its goals in freedom and democracy.

Third, linking these grassroots with an organizational and administrative structure that allows them to sort out a political leadership capable of representing them.

Fourthly: Communicate through the political leadership with all the countries and forces active in the Syrian issue, and not to give up any of the demands and objectives of the revolution.

Fifth: Communicate with Syrian national political entities that believe in freedom, justice and democracy for coordination, cooperation and integration in order to achieve the ultimate goal in the unity of political representation and push towards reaching the transitional stage.

Sixth: Work on creating a political vacuum for the Syrian issue in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.